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These Low Profile walk-in, electric defrost unit freezers are designed for maximum capacity with minimum headroom, space and energy. The units are only 15" high and are designed to mount flush with top of the cooler. The EVWAL cabinet design features easy front access to electrical and refrigeration components.


Advancements include molded wire fan guard; front-facing terminal board for easy access and optimized space in end panels. These units are suitable for use with R-12,

R-22, R-502, R-134A, R-401A or R-404A. Expansion (TXV) valve is NOT included. Improved drain pan design features large 3/4" ID (3/4" NPT) drain hole.


Features include:


  • Low Profile Walk-In Evaporator Freezer.

  • Easy front access to electrical and refrigeration components.

  • Easy front access to install and service.

  • Large 3/4" ID (3/4" MPT) drain hole.

  • Factory installed distributor nozzle.

  • Expansion valve (TXV) is NOT included. It is sold separately.










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