This series cooler units are ideal for refrigerated reach-ins. It mounts

to the top of the refrigerator and discharges cold air against the back wall.

With this air flow pattern, the air is not blasted on the product, but is

diffused along the back wall andthen gently drawn across the product

as it returns to the unit; thus, uniform temperatures are maintained

throughout the refrigerator. 


This would ensure the problems of door opening, door sweating or refrigeration

loss, are reduced consideringhow the air expulsion aren’t directly towards

the doors.


Aluminum hangers allow the unit to be mountable. Sufficient space is provided

to mount the expansion valve within the cabinet. It features sweat

 inlet connections to reduce leaks. 




  • Mountable unit on the top of the reach-in refrigerators

  • Expansion valve can be mounted inside cabinets

  • Drain fitting can be used for any side

  • Depth: 15 3/4" includes top mounting lugs (2")

  • Height: 8 7/8" • Capacity: 10°F T.D.

  • Connections: Inlet, 1/2"FN; Suction, 3/8"




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