'We'll Help You Pick Out The RIght One!'

Model RE-Series unit cooler is used wherever a small, compact unit

is required, such as salad boxes, back bars and direct-draw boxes.

It canbe mounted on the ceiling or wall. 


The RE-Series unit draws air in to the front and discharges it out both

sides to ensure proper distribution of cool air and maintain a uniform

box temperature.


Also features flare connections. This is the original dual air flow unit!


Food industry standard sanitation ETL-approved.



  • Twin air flow cooling

  • Cabinet assembled with stainless steel screws

  • High quality full collar aluminum fins on expanded copper tubes

  • Small and compact unit mountable on the top or sides

  • Inhale air on the front and exhale cool air on the sides

  • All sizes ETL component recognized

  • Capacity 10°F TD

  • Connections: Inlet, 1/2"FN; Suction, 3/8"