Water-Cooled NJ6220Z1 Unit 3/4HP High Temp R134a, 115V

Assembled in USA. Equipped With Embraco NJ6220Z1 Compressor


Refrigerant: R-134a Displacement (cu.in): 1,59
Voltage: 115 V 60 Hz 1~ Lubricant Type: ISO22
Frequency (Hz): 60

Lubricant Charge (fl.oz.): 25
Application: HBP

Motor Type: CSIR
HP: 1 Starting Torque: HST
Efficiency: 8,14 Type of Test: ASHRAE46
Capacity: 10.169

External Features
Shape Material Diameter (inch)
Suction Connector Vertical Copper 0,38
Discharge Connector Slanted J Copper 0,31
Process Connector Vertical Copper 0,25
Oil Cooler:
Base Plate: American Standard
Tray Holder: No
Weight (lb): 43,65
Maximum ambient temperature (ºF): 109,4
Expansion device: Capillary/ Valve
Cooling: Fan Cooling
Air flow rate:
Mechanical Data
Bill of materials: 144HG11
Starting torque: High Starting Torque
Bore (inch): 1,64
Stroke (inch): 0,38
Weight (lb): 43,65
Electrical Data
Motor type: CSIR
Winding Resistance (77ºF) - Start: 3,06
Winding Resistance (77ºF) - Run: 0,46

Check Point - Condensing Temperature 129,92 °F
Evaporating Temperature Cooling Capacity +/-5% Power Consumption +/-5% Current Consumption +/-5% Efficiency +/-7%
°F (kcal/h) (W) (Btu/h) (W) (A) (kcal/Wh) (W/W) (Btu/Wh)
44,96 2.583 3.004 10.249 1.242 13,30 2,08 2,42 8,25

Water-Cooled NJ6220Z1 Unit 3/4HP HBP R134a, 115V

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  • Warranty Information: One year warranty on compressor from date of purchase. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost. Defective unit must ship prepaid. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be pre-approved by contacting us. No exception. NOTE: We only ship this unit to 48 Continental States.
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