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Supco Part # PSA140100 

* Heavy-duty household & commercial defrost time covers exact OEM (Admiral 55467-1)

* Defrost Frequency: 6 hours
* Defrost Time: 21 min
* Energy saving plastic construction.
* 120V or 240V (Pick @ Shopping Cart) 60Hz, 1/2 HP for All domestic refrigerators & freezers.

Supco SPA1401AD Defrost Timer 6 Hours/ 21 Min

  • SUPCO 'ENERGY SAVING' DEFROST TIMERS incorporate a new low cost case design but maintain all of the features and specifications as the original equipment models. OEM Replacement: GE WR9X330 Frigidaire, Electrolux, Kenmore, Admiral, Mallory, residential appliances.
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