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Outdoor Condensing Unit 1.5 HP, Low Temp, R404A, 220V
28-1/2''L X 22-1/2''W X 16-7/8''H

Assembled in USA. Unit Equipped With Embraco Compressor NT2212GKV2

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty On Compressor

Outdoor NT2212GKV Unit 1-1/2 HP LBP R404A 220V

PriceFrom $1,250.00
  • General Data

    Type Hermetic reciprocating
    Technology Type On-Off
    Displacement 27.8 cm³
    Compressor Cooling Fan
    Fan Air Flow 31732495.6 in³/h
    Expansion Device Capillary Tube or Expansion Valve
    Horse Power 1 1/2 hp
    Max Condensing Pressure Operating 24.71 bar
    Max Condensing Pressure Peak 27.71 bar
    Power Supply 208-230 V 60 Hz 1~
    Evaporating Temperature Range -40ºF to 14ºF
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