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Part # V20362002 

CASE: 300 series stainless steel.
LENS: Polycarbonate, press-in (2” only) or threaded.
DIAL: Aluminum with white finish and black markings.
POINTER: Black, adjustable.
MOVEMENT: Brass with precision gearing.
BOURDON TUBE: Phosphor bronze.
ACCURACY: ±One scale division..

MILJOKO V20362002 Walk-In Box Thermometer 48" Cap.

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  • TUBE SYSTEM: CAPILLARY TUBING: 60” tin-plated copper (std.). CONNECTION: Plain. SENSING BULB: Nickel-plated copper bulb, Ø 7/16” Temperature range -40° to 65°F (-40° and 16°C) Adjustable Setting Certified To: NSF/ANSI Standard Food Equipment
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