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Outdoor Condensing Unit 1/2 HP, High Temp, R134a, 115V
Made In USA.  Assembled with QTAKA4460YXA Compressor. One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


Product Description


Type: Reciprocating
Application: HBP - High Back Pressure
Refrigerant: R-134a
Voltage/Frequency: 115V ~ 60Hz 100V ~ 50Hz



Refrigeration Capacity    Input Power    Efficiency    EVAP TEMP    COND TEMP    AMBIENT TEMP    RETURN GAS    LIQUID TEMP
Condition    Test Voltage    Btu/h    kcal/h    W    W    Btu/Wh    kcal/Wh    W/W
ARI    115V ~ 60HZ    6300    1588    1846    850    7.41    1.87    2.17    7.2°C (45°F)    54°C (130°F)    35°C (95°F)    18.3°C (65°F)    46°C (115°F)




Evaporating Temp. Range: -6.7°C to 12.8°C (20°F to 55°F)
Motor Torque: High Start Torque (HST)
Compressor Cooling: Fan




Displacement (cc):18.584
Oil Type:Polyolester
Viscosity (cSt):32
Oil Charge (cc):512




Voltage Range (50 Hz):90-110
Voltage Range (60 Hz):103-127
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA):48
Rated Load Amps (RLA 50 Hz):0
Rated Load Amps (RLA 60 Hz):9.5
Max. Continuous Current (MCC in Amps):12.2
Motor Resistance (Ohm) - Main:.66
Motor Resistance (Ohm) - Start:4.6
Motor Type:CSIR
Overload Type:N/A
Relay Type:N/A


Outdoor QT AKA4460YXA Unit 1/2 HP, R134a, 115V/1PH

PriceFrom $780.00
  • Warranty Information: One year warranty on compressor from date of purchase. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost. Defective unit must ship prepaid. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be pre-approved by contacting us. No exception. NOTE: We only ship this unit to 48 Continental States.
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