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New SF-101S Medium Temp Coolers Digital Temperature Gauge w/ Probe 120V/ 60Hz

Digital temperature controller
2. 120VAC, 50/60Hz
3. Dependable
4. 20A Compressor

Digital Temp Control SF-101S Range -40 to 120°F

  • 1. Digital temperature controller 2. CE, UL&cUL approved 3. For fan cooling freezers of medium & high temperatures 4. Waterproof panel 5. Automatically/ manually defrost by turning off the unit 6. Time/temp.setting to end defrosting 7. Re-start delay 8. Celsius / Fahrenheit degree selection 9. Parameter locking / Light control 10.Temperature range: -40 to 120°F 11.Accuracy: ±2°F 12.Sensor: NTC, 2pcs (room temperature & defrosting control) 13.Power supply: 120VAC 50/60Hz 15.Light:5A /250AVAC
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