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Model # EVHA130A Back Bar Reach-In Cooler Evaporator

This compact, wall-mounted unit whose low height makes it ideal for undercounter reach-in or drawer-type fixtures. The unit draws air in at the bottom and discharges out the front.

The 45°-facing fan design can direct the air where needed, usually onto drop-in trays of condiments in salad bar or sandwich preparation fixtures.

This unit is designed for 35° to 40°F fixture temperature with off-cycle defrost. The unit is designed to operate at 10° to 17° TD and 16 hours per day compressor run time

• Coils have copper tubes with aluminum fins, mechanically bonded for efficient heat transfer. The coils are dehydrated and sealed

• Sturdy aluminum cabinet

• Knockouts are conveniently located for refrigerant lines

• Expansion valve can be mounted inside the cabinet and connections are sweat-type

• Motors are thermally protected and permanently lubricated

• Sweat inlet connection to reduce leaks


British thermal unit (Btu/H): 1,300
Cubic Foot per Minute ( CFM ): 240
Quantity, Fan Motors: 2
Width( inches ): 16
Depth( inches ): 6.5
Height ( inches ): 12

Back Bar Cooler Evap 2 Fans, 1,300 BTU, 240 CFM

PriceFrom $200.00
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