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5 Pcs Bag- STC 'A' Style THERMAL CUTOUT 15 AMP

Rated for continuous operating currents up to 10 amps @ 250VAC (15 amps @ 120VAC, 5 amps @ 24VDC), is the industry standard for over-temperature protection.


Applied to millions of appliances and personal care products
Provides reliable back-up protection for temperature controlling thermostats
Applied in office machines, portable heaters and industrial equipment as a thermal safeguard

Choose Thermal Cutout Temperature @ Shopping Cart:

Part # Open Temp
------- -------------
STC4228 228°F (109°C)
STC4257 257°F (125°C)
STC4283 283°F (125°C)
STC4300 300°F (125°C)
STC4333 333°F (125°C)
STC4358 358°F (125°C)
STC4438 438°F (125°C)

5pcs Thermal Cutouts 15Amp Style 'A' -Various Temp

$13.80 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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