Solid core liquid line filter drier, ideal for use with CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. This 30 cubic inch unit has a 0.5 inch ODF type connection.


  • Shock resistant steel construction
  • Solid copper fittings
  • High acid and moisture removal
  • Corrosions resistant epoxy powder paint finish
  • Copeland® approved for POE oils


Desiccant Blend: Activated alumina with molecular sieve
Filtration: 40 microns
Maximum working pressure: Sizes 03-16 600 psig/ 30-75 cubic inch 500 psig
Connection Size: ½"
Connection Type: ODF
Dimensions (End to End): 8 15/16"
Dimensions (Top to Bottom): 2½"
Tonnage: 4 to 8 Tons


Air conditioning compressors
Refrigeration compressors

Liquid Line Drier 1/2" ODF Solder 40 Microns Sizes 03-16

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  • Applications: Refrigeration compressors Heat pump compressors Air conditioning compressors