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Model: digital thermostat (frozen) SF-102
Measuring temperature display range: -45 ~ 45C
Measurement accuracy: ± 1 oC
Overall dimensions (mm): 77mm (length) x 35mm (width) x 60mm (D)

E1 Lowest temperature: -45 oC ~ control the temperature,the factory value of -35 oC;
E2 Highest temperature: control temperature~45 oC, the factory value of 20 oC;
E3 Temperature return difference: 1 ~ 10 oC, the factory value of 4 oC;
E4 Delay start-up time from 0 ~ 10minutes,the factory value of 2 minutes;
E5 Warehouse temperature probe calibration: -5 ~ 5 oC, the factory value of 0 oC;
E6 Defrost probe calibration:-5 ~ 5 oC, the factory value of 0 oC;
F1 Defrost time: 1~ 60 minutes, the factory value of 20 minutes;
F2 Defrost interval: 1 ~24 hours, the factory value of 6 hours;
F3 Defrost termination temperature: 0 ~20 oC the factory value of 8 oC
F4 Defrost temperature display: 0 = normal warehouse temperature display, 1 = defrost start temperature display;
C1 Temperature Units
0=Degrees Celsius
1=Degrees Fahrenheit

Digital temp. Control SF-102 120V