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Part # QD-072TIMER DELAY ON BREAK SOLID STATE• Upon application of power, Compressor energizes immediately. The time delay is initiated when thermostats opens or on power interruption. The compressor contactor will not restart until delay time elapses.• Adjustable delay ranges 0.03 Min to 10 Min.• Initiate timer in 70 milliseconds • Broad input voltage range (Pilot Circuit)• 19 to 288 VAC/VDC, 50/60 Hz • Or DC 1.5 amp Max • Terminal or wire connections available• Operating Temperature Range 0°F to +160° F (-18°C to +71°C) • Compact Size 2” x 2” x .075” • By pass a control or device during start up • Helps to reduce power surges in multiple compressor applications 

Delay On Break Timer 0.03 To 10 Min, 115V or 220V

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  • General Applications • Protection from short cycling of compressor • Ideal for compressor staging
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