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Function and Introduction of Air Compressor Heater Band

1. When the air conditioner is used under severe cold condition, drive engine oil inside can condense, and affect the normal starting of the unit. The heating belt can promote to thermalize engine oil, and help the unit to be started normally.

2. It can protect compressor from being damaged in starting in cold winter, and prolongs the service life. (In cold winter, engine oil condenses, hard friction can generate in starting, and may cause damages of the compressor.)

Application Range of Air Compressor Heater Band

Cabinet air conditioner, wall-mounted air conditioner and window air conditioner.

Technical Parameter for Air Compressor Heater Band

a. Continuous Max Use Temperature: 250 DEG C; Minimum Ambient Temperature: 40 DEG C below zero
b. Max Surface Power Density: 2W/cm2
c. Min Making Thickness: 0.5mm
d. Max Use Voltage: 600V
e. Power Precision Range: ±5%
f. Insulation Resistance: ≥10M-2
g. Withstand Voltage:>5KV

Characteristics of Air Compressor Heater Band

1 Random bending and winding according to the demand of to-be-heated component, small occupied space and volume.
2 Simple and fast installation mode.
3 Sleeve silicon rubber insulator on heating body.
4 Tin copper braided layer can prevent machine from being damaged, and conduct electric power to the ground.
5 Moisture resistance entirely.
6 Customize according to the required length.
7 Core cold tail end.

Compressor Crankcase Heaters

PriceFrom $10.00
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