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part number: Gsk04 22-1/8" x 26-1/4"

for urbo Air Gasket 22 1/8 x 26 1/4

Commonly Fits Model #'s: TST48SD-18, TST48SD18, TST-48SD, TST-725SD, GUC48DF, GSP48D, GUC48DR, MST4818, MST72, MST7230, TUR48, UC48DF, GSP72T, GUC72TR, MST48, VC48DR, SPT48, TST48, TST72SD, TST72SD30, TUR48SD, TUR72SD, TST48SD, TUF48SD, MUR-48, MUR48

Turbo Air Gasket 22-1/8" x 26-1/4"

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