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Supco Part # SUPR 

Supco SUPR Universal Adjustable Potential Relay Safety Time Out 1 - 1.5 Sec

Replacing all potential relays, these WIRE TO WIRE Universal Potential Relays offer the ultimate in convenience. One potential relay to fit any application.

Choose to “drop in” the SUPR Universal Potential Relay. State of the Art electronic circuitry provides Wire to Wire replacement of any potential relay with added motor protection.

SUPR Universal Adjustable Potential Relay (To 5HP)

  • * Used to start 1-phase, capacitor-type motors in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. * Allows for exact wire-by-wire replacement of most potential relays with 110V to 270V pickup. * Contacts will open after 1 to 1.5 sec. if the motor does not start. * Adjustable Potential Relay, Pick Up Voltage Rating 110-270 Volts, Power Rating Up to 5 HP
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