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Supco 3 N'1 Relay Overload & Capacitor 1/12 to 1/3 HP 115V

Supco Part # RCO410 or RCO810 (Pick @ Shoppping Cart)

For Refrigeration Systems Without Run Capacitors

SUPCO offers the most complete line of refrigeration relays, overloads and hard starts in the industry. For refrigeration systems with and without run capacitors, just choose the right combination for your application. All combinations are pre-wired for fast installation.

Replaces relay, overload and provides a boost for hard start and unbalanced systems.
Prevents low voltage starting problems.

Supco RCO Relay Overload & Capacitor 1/12 to 1/2HP 115V

PriceFrom $9.50
  • Applications: For all capillary systems SUPCO NO. RCO410 or RCO810 MOUNTING Quick Connect HP RATING 1/12 to 1/3 HP (Pick @ Shopping Cart) VOLTAGE (VAC) 115
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