SUPCO® Cooper Driers are high quality, high capacity original equipment components for use on domestic and commercial refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners.


All driers are compatible with all refrigerants
100% XH-9 Beaded Molecular Sieve
Hermetically sealed
Copper shells and end tubes
High capacity
Easy break off grooved ends

Connection: ¾" Charging Drier
Inlet: ¼" I.D. ¼" O.D. ¼" Flare
Outlet: ¼" O.D. or Cap
Dimensions: H
Drops removed R12 @ 75°: 37.5
Drops removed R12 @ 125°: 34
Drops removed R22 @ 75°: 34
Drops removed R22 @ 125°: 32
Recommended Tons R12: ?
Recommended Tons R22: 1/2

High Quality Beaded Copper 3/4" Charging Drier (SUD115)

SKU: SKU2855