Thermostats open when temperature in the furnace plenum area is too high
Shuts down furnace until the temperature cools to an acceptable level

Choose Range:

SHL511 Open:160 Close:140 long 3.12"
SHL512 Open:170 Close:150 long:3.12"
SHL513 Open:170 Close:150 long 3.12"
SHL514 Open:180 Close:140 long 3.12"
SHL515 Open:200 Close:160 long 3:12"
SHL516 Open:210 Close:170 long 3.12"
SHL517 Open:220 Close:170 long 3.12"
SHL518 Open:250 Close:210 long 3.12"
SHL519 Open:155 Close:125 long 7.12"
SHL520 Open:100 Close:80 long 7"

Gas Furnace Limit Thermostat (SHL511-520)

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$15.00Sale Price