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Kulthorn KM7516ZK-2 Compressor, Complete with Starting Kit

ELECTRICAL : 208-230 Volt. 60 Hz. 1 Phase

Nominal Performance

Cooling Capacity : 15,960 BTU/Hr
Power Input: 2,520 W
Lock Rotor Amps: 64.5 Amps
Rated Load: 11.45 Amps
COP (EER): 6.33 BTU/Hr


Testing Conditions


Condensing Temperature: 129.92°F

Evaporating Temperature: 19.94°F

Liquid Temperature: 114.98°F

Return Gas Temperature: 95°F

Ambient Temperature: 95°F


Kulthorn KM7516ZK-2 Compressor 2HP, R404A 220V

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  • Application
    Evaporating Range: MBP @ -9.94°F to 30.02°F
    Refrigerant: R404A
    Expansion: Capillary Tube
    Compressor Cooling: Fan
    Compressor and Motor Data
    Compressor Type: Reciprocating
    Displacement: 53.5 cc.
    Oil Type: Polyolester Oil
    Oil Change: 1,050 cc.
    Motor Type: C.S.R. ; 2 Pole 3500 rpm
    Voltage Range: 198-264 Volts/ 60Hz.
    Winding Resistance at 77°F
    Start: 2.03 Ohms
    Run: 0.91 Ohms
    Weight with Oil:    62.60 lbs
    Weight with Oil & Accessories:63.54 lbs
    Electrical Components
    Motor Protector:
    Type: Internal Overload
    Model Number : KGE 656-11
    Open/ Close: 130-140 / 140-172 °F
     1st Cycle Trip: 45 Amps (Start) 83 Amps (Main)
    Motor Starter (CRS Only):
    Type: Potential Relay
    Model Number: KGE 681-9 (RVA4AM6D)
     Pick Up: 242-272 Volts
     Drop Out: 60-121 Volts
    Terminal Cover: KGM-901-2
    Start Capacitor (CRS Only): 161-193 uF
    Disch. Resistor for Start Cap: 15000 Ohms 2 W
    Run Capacitor: 40 uF 440 VAC
    Mounting Kit
    Rubber Grommet: KGM 905
    Sleeve Grommet: KGM 903
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