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Kulthorn KB9437Y-1


Electrical : 115 Volt 60 Hz 1 Phase

Nominal Performance
Cooling Capacity 1,010 / 1,950Watts
3,446 / 6,653 BTU/Hr
868 / 1,677 Kcal/Hr
Power Input 697 / 975 Watts
Lock Rotor Amps 45.00 / 45.00 Amps
Max Continuous Current - / - Amps
Rated Load Amps 9.30 / 11.00 Amps
COP 1.45 / 2.00 Watts / Watts

Testing Conditions
Condensing Temperature 54.40°C 129.9°F
Evaporating Temperature -6.70/7.20°C 19.9/45.0°F
Liquid Temperature 46.10°C 115.0°F
Return Gas Temperature 35.00°C 95.0°F
Ambient Temperature 35.00°C 95.0°F

Evaporating Range MBP/HBP A/C : -23.30 °C to 12.70 °C (-9.9 °F to 54.9 °F)
Heat Pump : -°C to - °C

Kulthorn KB9437Y-1 Compressor 1/2HP, R134a 115V

  • Warranty Information One year warranty from date of purchase. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost. Defective unit must ship prepaid. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be pre-approved by contacting us. No exception. NOTE: We only ship this unit to 48 Continental States. Cross Referencing: RRT62C-1-IAA AFE12C4E-IAA ARE51C4E-CAA M2FH-0050 NEK6214Z NEK6212Z NT6215ZV T6217Z T6213A AKA4460YXA RRT62C1-IAA AEA2413YXA CAE4456Y CAE2420Z AJ7465A AJ201AT SC15G-1 MSR-72G-3 TGM-72SD TPR-67SD TPR-67SD-D2 TPR-67SD-D4 TPR-93SD-D2 TPR-93SD-D4 TPR-93SD-D6 TST-60SD TST-72SD TST-60SD-24 TST-72SD-30 TST-60SD-D2 TST-60SD-D4 TUR-60SD TUR-72SD TUF-48SD TUF-60SD TUF-48SD-D2 TUF-48SD-D4 TWF-48SD TWF-60SD PRO-50R PRO-50-4R PRO-50R-GSH PRO-50R-PT PRO-50R-4R-PT PRO-50R-GSH-PT MST-60 MST-72 MST-60-24 MST-72-30 MUR-72 TGM-72RS(B) TBC-80SD TBC-95SD TBC-80SB TBC-95SB