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Kulthorn KB4440Y-1


ELECTRICAL : 115 Volt. 50/60 Hz. 1 Phase
Nominal Performance
Testing Conditions


Evaporating Range : 0 ° C to +12.7 ° C
Compressor Cooling : Fan
Refrigerant : R134a
Expansion : Capillary Tube
Compressor and Motor data
Compression Type : Reciprocating
Displacement : 12.05 cc.
Motor Type : 2 Pole 2880 / 3500
Voltage Range : 90 − 110 Volts 50/60 Hz.
r / m
Winding Resistance at 25 ° C
Start : 3.83 Ohms
Run : 0.95 Ohms
Oil Type : Polyolester Oil
Oil Charge : 357 cc.

Motor Protector :

Type : External 3/4"
Model Number : KME 664−2/C (MRT24AJN−69)
Open / Close : 115−125 78−60 ° C
Motor Starter :
Type : Current Relay
Model Number : KME 682−19NT (9660A243NT−187)
Pick Up (max.) : 20.0 Amps
Drop Out(min.) : 17.60 Amps
Terminal Cover : KMD 901−5
Start Capacitor : 243−293 µ F 250 VAC.
Run Capacitor : No µ F No VAC.
Disch. Resistor : 15000 Ohms 2 W

Kulthorn KB4440Y-1 Compressor 1/3HP, R134a 115V

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  • Warranty Information One year warranty from date of purchase. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost. Defective unit must ship prepaid. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be pre-approved by contacting us. No exception. NOTE: We only ship this unit to 48 Continental States. CROSS REFERENCING: AE 4440Y-1SR ARE34C4E-IAA-301 ARE41C3E-IAA ARE40C4E ARE46C4E-IAA AFE10C3E-IAA ARE34C4E-IAA ARE37C3E-IAA ARE40C4E-IAA AFE12C3E-IAA ARE46C4E-IAA NEU6121Z NE6187Z NE6210Z FFI10HBX FFI12HBX FFU130HAX - AE 4440YXA AEA4448YXA AEA2410YXA AEA3440YXA AEA4440YXA AE234AL AE234JL AE4440A AF4440A AE234AL-602-A4 NF11FX-1 SC12G-1 HBL27YE-1 SK6A1C-H2Y SK1A1C-L2W 991172, TR1R-2HS, 842050, TR1RRI-1G, 915324, TR1RRI-2S, GDIM-26, TR1RRI89-1S, GDIM-26NT, TR2DT-2S, GDM-10PT, TR2DT-4HS, GDM-10PT-LE, TRCB-50, GDM-12PT, TRCB-79, GDM-14, TRCB-79-86, GDM-14RF, TS-19, GDM-14SL, TS-23, GDM-15, TS-23-1-G-1, GDM-19, TS-23-2, GDM-19FC, TS-23G, GDM-19T, TS-23G-RL, GDM-23, TS-23G-S, GDM-23-2, TS-23PT, GDM-23FC, TS-28, GDM-23FC-RF, TS-28-2-G-2PT, GDM-23HL, TS-49DT-G, GDM-23RF, TS23, GDM-23RL, TSID-48-2, GDM-23W, TSID-48-2-L, GDM-23W-RF, TSID-48-4, GDM-26, TSID-48-4-L, GDM-26HL, TSSU 36-12MB, GDM-26RF, TSSU 48-18MB, GDM-26W, TSSU Series, GDM-26W-RF, TSSU-36, GDM-29-SO, TSSU-36-08, GDM-33C, TSSU-36-08-LP, GDM-33SL-60, TSSU-36-12M, GDM-33SSL-54, TSSU-36-12M-B, GDM-35SL-60, TSSU-36-12MB-LP, GDM-35SL-RF, TSSU-36-15MB, GDM-41C-48, TSSU-48, GDM-41SL-54, TSSU-48-08, GDM-41SL-60, TSSU-48-10, GDM-49DT, TSSU-48-10-LP, GEM-23, TSSU-48-12, GEM-23FC, TSSU-48-12-LP, GEM-23RF, TSSU-48-12D-2, GEM-26, TSSU-48-12D-4, QA-60-24MB-L, TSSU-48-12D-4-LP, STA1IRRI-1S, TSSU-48-12M, STG1RRI-1S, TSSU-48-12M-B, STG2RRI-2S, TSSU-48-12M-LP, STG2RRI89-2S, TSSU-48-15M, STR1RRI-1S, TSSU-48-15M-B, STR1RRI89-1S, TSSU-48-15MB-LP, T-19, TSSU-48-18M, T-19G, TSSU-48-18M-B, T-23, TSSU-48-18MB-D2, T-23-1-G-1, TSSU-48-18MB-D4, T-23-2, TSSU-48-18MB-LP, T-23F, TSSU-48-8-47