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 Take measurements
Taking correct measurements is important when ordering made-to-measure door seals. There are three methods to determine the seal measurements. 

Three methods to determine measurements

Outside-to-Outside (A size)
Magnet-to-Magnet  (B size)
Dart-to-Dart (Centre-to Centre) (C size)


Outside-to-outside (A size) measurements can be applied for all door seals. We advise to take outside-to-outside measurements while the seal it is still fitted in the door or drawer.

For dart type profiles it is possible to measure Dart-to-Dart. In practice this means you measure the inside edge of the slot on one side to the outside edge of the slot on the other side.  This equals the Centre-to-Centre measurement or C size.

Magnet-to-Magnet is measured from outside of the seal magnet to outside of the seal magnet and is referred to as B size.

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